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We do maintain some documentation online for you to browse and/or print. Much of this material is in PDF format and you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view.

Juliana White Chapter D.A.R. - Greenfield Family Histories

The information contained about these family histories was reproduced from a workbook giving summaries of various Greenfield families associated with the Juliana White Chapter of the D.A.R. Unfortunately we do not know who created these summaries or when they were created. We also do not know nor suggest any accuracy of the summaries, but offer them as potential assistance to anyone researching their family history. The document has been created in its entirety as a single PDF file. Near the beginning of the document you will see a summary of the sketches contained within the doucment. You may click on a name in that summary list and it will poistion you at the page containing the information concerning that person/family.

[ Juliana White Chapter DAR Family Sketches ]

Additional Resources


By-laws The by-laws of the Greenfield Historical Society.
Early Airplane Flight Early airplane flight at Chautauqua by aviator named Rogers, associated with the Wright brothers of Dayton.
Fred Patterson article - The Negro Soldier Article by Fred Patterson - The Negro Soldier, His Part in the World War
Don Grate This article about Don Grate appeared in the March-April, 1997 issue of Timeline by Steven P. Gietschier.
Noble Edward Irwin A brief summary of one of Greenfield's most highly decorated serviceman.
Mobile Houses A description of the moving of various houses in Greenfield.
Murals A description of the murals in the E.L. McClain High School.
National Trust for Historic Preservation award The Historic Neighborhood School Honor Award.
Greenfield Timeline 1820-1849 A summary of Greenfield events occuring during 1820-1849.
Greenfield Timeline 1850-1870 A summary of Greenfield events occuring during 1850-1870.
Seceders Church A brief history of the Old Seceders Church.
Patterson vs the Board of Education State of Ohio on relation of C. R. Patterson vs The Board of Education of the Incorporated Village of Greenfield, Ohio, and W. G. Moler as Superintendent
Travellers Rest Inn Brief chronological summary of Travellers Rest
Obit for Coach "Duke" Hayes Obituary of Frank L. "Duke" Hayes who once coached the Tigers and went on to a successful career as a college coach.
Three Generations of Pattersons in the Patterson Company A family tree like look at the Patterson family
1902 newspaper advertisement by Dr. Goldsmith Dr. A. E. Goldsmith was one of Greenfield's most noted physicians.
The Ravenscroft Family Monument The story behind the monument.
Rev. Wilson Hollyday Information about the Rev. Wilson Hollyday family.
A Wonderful Invention Booklet describing the Browder Life-Saving Net, developed and manufactured in Greenfield by the Cory-Patterson Mfg. Co.
Early Baseball in Greenfield Information gathered while researching the Greenfield Climax baseball team and Earl Boyd.
George Washington Inauguration Program held in Greenfield-1889 This was part of the Centennial 1789-1889 and was held at the Methodist Episcopal Church

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