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March 5, 2020
Section 3A, Lot 107
  • Joseph Strauss should be Joseph Stauss, born April 7, 1833, died December 16, 1920
  • Carrie Stauss, born January 2, 1865, died August 1, 1867
  • Harry Van Dyke Stauss, born March 3, 1870, died August 3, 1871
  • Judson "Jeddie" Stauss, born February 28, 1872, died April 17, 1875.
  • Information is from the Stauss family bible.
  • Joseph Stauss (incorrectly listed in the records as "Strauss") is listed having the same burial location, though his name does not appear on the monument (his date of death in the records should be December 16, 1920). His wife, Susan Duey Stauss, is not listed in the records, nor does her name appear on the monument. Her death certificate indicates that she is buried somewhere in Greenfield, presumably at the same location (she was buried April 6, 1917).

January 20, 2013
All but one is in Section 2 Lot 77.
  • T E Powell is Thomas Elwood Powell, a Civil War Veteran.
  • "Mother" Powell is his wife, Uria (Armstrong) Powell
  • "Alvretta" Hammer is their daughter, Alvaritta (Powell) Hammer 15 Jan 1855-19 Sep 1924
  • Frank M Hammer, is her husband, dates, 08 Apr 1859-19 Apr 1916
  • Ella Boggess is Ella (Powell) Boggess, another daughter of Thomas and Uria. Her date of birth is 11/20/1856.
  • David L Boggess is Ella's husband, David Lindsay Boggess
  • Arwila Hampton is Arwilda (Powell) Hampton
    Nearby, in Sec 2 Lot 79
  • Maud Burrell Fawecett is Maud Burrell (Hammer) Fawcett, daughter of Alvaritta and Frank Hammer. Her dates are 04 Jul 1881-02 Apr 1935
I have a paper handwritten written by Arwilda sometime between March 1 1895 and December 12, 1899, on which she listed the complete names and dates of birth for her parents and all of their children. I believe it was written between those dates because she included her father's date of death but not her mother's. In addition, I have my mother's Stevenson Birthday Book, wherein her grandparents, Ella and David Boggess, each signed on the page corresponding to their birthday, and each added their year of birth; Thomas' complete Civil War Pension record and that of Uria for her pension after his death, both from the National Archives; and a picture of Alvaritta where she wrote her name and address on the back.

October 7, 2013
Section 3A, Lot 25
  • Her name is Carrie Grace Porter
  • Born June 4, 1883
  • Died June 27, 1964
  • She is located in 3a 25 with her sister Alice Florence Porter.
  • There are 2 Carrie's listed, but should be combined into one. They are the same person.

October 7, 2013
Section 10, Lot AK121
  • Dennis Franklin Pryor died 8/11/98

November 29, 2013
Section 6, Lot 1A
  • Name correction: Martha Eleise (not Eluse) Walker
November 29, 2013
Section 14, Lot 23
  • Birthdate for Ralph Delbert Dale Walker: 10/30/25

April 10, 2014
Section 4A, Lot 38
  • Name correction: Catherine, wife of G. D. Ritchie (not Ritchis); William G. Ritchie (not Ritchis) is Catherine's son.
April 10, 2014
Section 4A, Lot 38
  • Date of death for Noble Johnson: 1854

September 18, 2014
Section 5B, Lot 48
  • Name updated, birth date added, death date updated: Alice Parker Wilson Matlock born June 21, 1925; died May 25, 2000

October 26, 2014
Section 11, Lot AB112
  • Name updated, birth date added: Lennie Leach born November 5th, 1967

January 21, 2015
Section 11, Lot AD122
  • Last Name correction - should be Spradlin, not Spradling

December 29, 2016
Section 10, Lot AH113
  • James Evert Newland
  • Born Oct. 6, 1931
  • Died July 15, 2009 --- Date addition
  • Marilyn Sue Newland
  • Born Aug. 12, 1935 -- Date correction

June 27, 2017
Section 3B, Lot 182
  • Walter Oscar Beatty is incorrectly listed as 1st name Walter last name Oscar. He should be listed as Last Name Beatty, not Oscar.
  • His tombstone is not clear. He is buried in Jeremiah Kerr's plot (182 3B) because he is his son-in-law and was married to his daughter Mary Cunningham Kerr Beatty.

November 29, 2017
Section 11, Lot AB112
  • Leslie Edward Phillips should be listed as Leslie Edward Patton.
  • He is the son of Willard and Mary who are listed under the correct surname.

June 7, 2019
Section 1, Lot 2
  • Name Freda Hartley
  • DOB May 22, 1921
  • DOD September 9, 2000

February 20, 2024
Section ?, Lot
  • Name Carmen Allen Howland
  • DOB 03/25/1895 - date revised
  • DOD February 1961 - date revised

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