South Central Ohio Preservation Society Meeting - August 6, 2017

On August 6th, GHS had the opportunity to share some of Greenfield's rich heritage with SCOPS, as they held their quarterly meeting in Greenfield at the Grain and Hay and Old Burying Ground. The purpose of the meeting was to share our Old Burying Ground preservation project with this group of people who share a common interest with history and preservation.

We began planning this meeting over a year ago with discussions among John King, Ellen Conway Merrill (SCOPS Coordinator), Kezia Sproat and one of the SCOPS founding members David King. The meeting began with introductions by Harold Schmidt and his summary of the Historical Society of Greenfield, its activities, and its facilities.

John King then presented an overview of the project; a little history of the cemetery, how we got started, the challenges we faced, our progress, and how the project will move forward.

Scott Andersen then presented more of the details about our presevation processes; cleaning stones, straightening, repairing etc. Techniques were discussed as well as showing a number of before and after pictures.

Homemade cookies, coffee, water, and fresh grapes were also served. After the presentations the group crossed the street to actually view the cemetery and our progress. SCOPS members were impressed with what we had done to date and wanted to be kept informed of our work sessions and progress.

Afterward, many were interested in seeing the exhibits in the Depot (Tom Adams graciously discussed his models displayed), and also other GHS facilities. We were running out of time but many indicated they would love to return and explore more of our history.

Many thanks to ALL the volunteers who helped make this meeting a success.

The Greenfield Historical Society
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