Past Event Photos

We hope you had the opportunity to attend one of these events shown on the right. We have displayed a pictoral summary of each so you can at least get a glimpse of the program/event.

Our scheduled events are always posted in our Calendar. Please check it frequently so you do not miss an event. Many times the announcement of the scheduled event will also be in a local newspaper.

We hope to see you at an upcoming event!

Historical Society Events

Click on any of the links below to see a pictoral summary of many of the past events hosted by the Greenfield Historical Society.


Sunday Dinners, 2017

Christmas with Santa, 12/17/2016 Sunday Dinners, 2017
Tombstone Repair, 11/06/2016 Ghost Walk, 2016 Tombstone Repair, 10/09/2016
History Day 2016, 10/1/2016 Tombstone Repair, 09/22/2016 Tombstone Repair, 08/20/2016
Tombstone Repair, 08/03/2016 Tombstone Repair, 07/12/2016 Cemetery Restoration Workshop at Sheep Pen Cemetery, 6/28/2016
MHS Students help with Tombstone Repair, 5/13/2016 Second Grade Class Visits May 3, 2016 Tombstone Repair, 04/19/2016

Tombstone Repair, 11/15/2015 Tombstone Repair, 10/24/2015
Tombstone Repair, 10/14/2015 Ghost Walk, 2015 Tombstone Repair, 9/19/2015
Tombstone Repair, 9/15/2015 Tombstone Repair, 9/3/2015 Tombstone Repair, 8/23/2015
Tombstone Repair, 7/22/2015 Tombstone Repair, 7/8/2015 Tombstone Repair, 6/9/2015
Tombstone Repair, 6/6/2015 MHS Students help with Tombstone Repair, 5/13/2015 Second Grade Class Visits May 5, 2015
Tombstone Repair, 5/3/2015 Tombstone Repair, 3/23/2015 Sunday Dinners, 2015

Tombstone Repair - History Day, 10/4/2014 Ghost Walk, 2014 Tombstone Repair, 11/8/2014
Tombstone Repair, 6/22/2014 Tombstone Repair, 8/09/2014 Tombstone Repair, 9/06/2014
Spring Tea, 2014 Patterson Historic Marker Dedication, 2014 Tombstone Repair, 05/24/2014

Spring Tea, 2013 History Day, 2013 Ghost Walk, 2013

Ghost Walk, 2012 History Day, 2012

Tour of Homes, December 2011 Ghost Walk, 2011 History Day, 2011
Sunday Dinners, 2011

Tour of Homes, December 2010 Underground Railroad Class Visits, 2010 Ghost Walk, 2010
History Day, 2010 Edison Phonograph Display, 2010 Spring Tea, 2010

Suzi Parron visits quilt trail, 2009 Ghost Walk, 2009 History Day, 2009
Konneker Education Museum Dedication, May 2009 Spring Tea with the McClains, April 2009 Cemetery Wall Project, March 2009

Tour of Homes, December 2008 Ghost Walk, 2008 History Day, 2008
Society Welcomes the Old Fire Truck Memorial Day Parade, 2008



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