Volunteer Session - November 15, 2015

What a wonderful fall day to complete the 2015 work sessions at the Old Burying Ground! Perfect weather as volunteers Scott and Venus Andersen, John King, Patsy Smith, Melanie Peters, Jackie Doles, Skyler Grate, Gloria Losey, and Yolanda Lifter (from Florida) spent about 5 hours continuing to improve the look of the cemetery.

Many thanks to ALL the volunteers throughout the year who made this a very successful project.

More sessions will be planned for the future to continue this massive effort. If you would like to participate, give the Society a call and check our website calendar.

Melanie hard at work.

Jackie cleaning a stone.

Yolanda spent time cleaning and scraping.

Venus cleaning a stone.

Patsy preparing stones for cleaning.

Skyler and Scott finishing up a repair.

Venus cleaning a stone.

Venus and Gloria taking a well earned break to admire the progress.

Patsy after she had done a great job cleaning stones.

Skyler digging up a base.

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