Volunteer Session - July 12, 2016

Although it was quite sunny and hot, a group of dedicated volunteers, under the direction of Scott Andersen, met again at the Old Burying Ground to continue to repair gravestones beginning at 8:00 a.m. and lasting until around 2:00 p.m. The group consisted of Scott and Venus Andersen, John King, Patsy Smith, Wendy Ellis, Melanie Peters, Jackie Doles, Mike Anderson (who atended the Sheep Pen Restoration Workshop in June), Robin Holland (joining us for the first time from Chillicothe), Harold and Judy Schmidt (Judy continued beautifying the plantings around Travellers Rest and Harold divided his time between both efforts), and Martha Vann. Lots of work was accomplished, but not without a lot of work. One of the massive stones took four men and a chain hoist to get it lifted to its proper position. Other stones were also straightened and many were cleaned.

Many thanks to ALL the volunteers who helped this day and those who volunteer throughout the year making this a very successful project.

More sessions will be planned for the future to continue this massive effort. If you would like to participate, give the Society a call and check our website calendar.

Group begins to gather and set up.

The canopies were great to offer some shade as the day progressed.

Scott and Mike get the hoist set up.

Harold joins in getting the straps set just right.

Looking good!


Wendy hard at work.

Such dedication; won't even look to the camera for a photo! (Martha, Venus, Melanie)

Judy pulled weeds, hauled and spread the mulch.

Robin was excellent at cleaning stones.

Seems innocent enough, should be easy to lift up.

Well maybe not; dig a little more!

We're going to need a bigger hoist!


Now it rests at the right height.

Mary Crothers' marker certainly improved.

Wendy, Patsy, Melanie, Jackie and Robin did a wonderful job cleaning stones.

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