Special Session on June 9, 2015

Scott and John returned on June 9th to secure the Elizabeth Boyd marker and to assemble the obelisk monument of George Eugene Sellers. This was also an opportunity to try out the tripod/hoist system that Scott recently acquired as a tool to help in moving heavy monuments such as the Sellers monument. You can see from the pictures below that it was a success!

More sessions will be planned for the future to continue this massive effort. If you would like to participate, give the Society a call and check our website calendar.

Scott finishing securing the Boyd stone.

Scott finishing cleanup.

Sellers monument was 5 pieces.

Getting the tripod in position.

Hoist in foreground.

Base leveled and Scott getting the second piece ready to accept the tird piece (square column).

Fourth and fifth pieces in place.

Monument re-assembled before removing the hoist.

All done.

Finished monument in place.

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