Volunteer Session - May 8, 2018

What a beautiful day for work in the cemetery! We were able to realign more stones, repair a couple broken stones, clean some stones, and using the hoist, lift and reset a few of the heavier stones. Joining in were Scott Andersen, John King, Jackie Doles, Mike Anderson, Gloria Losey and her sister Karen, Harold Schmidt, and Avery Applegate (who came from Hillsboro to help).

Many thanks to ALL the volunteers who help throughout the years making this a very successful project.

More sessions will be planned for the future to continue this massive effort. If you would like to participate, check our website calendar for the next scheduled session.

Harold and Scott dig in!

Mike welcomes first-timer Avery.

This looks like a job for the hoist and tripod!

The hoist makes lifting heavy stones much easier on the back!

Avery does a great job cleaning.

Jackie and Mike competed some work they began at the last session.

Leveling can be challenging.

This family plot is looking much better now.

Almost done with this repair.

Stone in front will be put back in its place to the left of the one behind it and the stone in the back will get straightened.





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