History Day 2011

The Greenfield Historical Society hosted History Day on October 1st. It was a day of various activities at the buildings at the east end of town. Special exhibits were featured as well as craftspeople demonstrating their skills.

A gentleman brought in an unidentified item to the barn for Tom Adams, Jerry Parker and Jay Hardy to identify.

A shopper inspects the crafts of Julia Eselgroth in the Barnyard.

Anthony Gibbs, Professional actor, presented the life of John Parker.

Susan Long Plays the Miller pump organ.

Robert Lanning entertained a small crowd in the Barnyard with the life of a Civil War soldier.

Marsha Beery has a good time with shoppers in the Bary Yard Sales area.

The Life of Druscilla Blackburn was told by Earlene Scott.

The life of Levi Coffin was shared by John Fitzgerald.

Tom Adams brought his model of the McClain house with his train display.

Paul Orr chats with Ruth Ann Watts after singing Negro spirituals for the audience.

The Greenfield Historical Society
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