Ghost Walk 2018

A large crowd enjoyed the beautiful evening at the Old Burying Ground as the Greenfield Historical Society presented its 14th Annual Ghost Walk. "Ghosts" from Greenfield's past told their story in the Old Burying Ground behind Travellers Rest on October 8th.
Barbara Cole portrayed Rachel Stafford, Greenfield's first African-American female resident and a former slave. Danny Long portrayed Andrew Arnott, a War of 1812 veteran. Eric Salyers portrayed Joseph Robinson. Matilda Ann Love Leake was portrayed by Roxanne Judkins. Terry Washburn played the part of Daniel Leib. John Quincy Adams Buck, Civil War veteran, was protrayed by Judge Bob Judkins. Mariah Logan, wife of stonemason Jonathon Logan, was portrayed by Loretta Hurley.

Barbara Cole as Rachel Stafford

Roaanne Judkins as Matilda Ann Love Leake .

Terry Washburn as Daniel Leib

Danny Long as Andrew Arnott .

Loretta Hurley as Mariah Logan

Judge Bob Judkins as John Quincy Adams Buck .

Eric Salyers as Joseph Robinson

A beautiful evening enjoyed by over 100 guests

The Greenfield Historical Society
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Greenfield, Ohio 45123