Ghost Walk 2009

The Greenfield Historical Society held its Annual Ghost Walk on October 12th. "Ghosts" from Greenfield's past told their story in the Old Burying Ground behind Travellers Rest.

Christopher Shrock (Eric Salyers) entertains the crowd with tales about his life as a carpenter in Germany and then in Greenfield.

Henry Irwin (Danny Long) told the guests about his life and about his descendents including Admiral Noble E. Irwin.

The Cast of Characters: Eric Salyers portraying Christopher Shrock, Jerry Parker as DeWitt Clinton Long, Earlene Scott as Elizabeth Leonard, Bob Judkins as Robert Wilson and Danny Long as Henry Irwin.

DeWitt Clinton Long (Jerry Parker) describes his life as a stone cutter and explains many of the symbols carved into the old headstones.

Robert Wilson (Bob Judkins) describes his life in Greenfield and the many doctors in the Wilson family.

Elizabeth Leonard (Earlene Scott) tells about the life of a tailor's wife and her experience of falling into a pickle barrel.

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