Edison Phonograph Display 2010

The Greenfield Historical Society hosted History Day on October 2nd. A highlight of this event was the display by Rodney and Charlotte Pack of their extensive collection of Edison music makers.

Rare wire recording devices such as this one were in used from 1939 to the 1953. This one was used in 1953 to send letters between a young man working on a Great Lakes boat and his parents in Toledo.

Such devices as this Edison with a 42 inch bell were used in the late 1890s and early 1900s to play recordings to large crowds. Men would travel from town to town charging admission to hear the machines.

Nipper became RCA's mascot.

Charlotte and Rodney Pack have been collecting old phonographs for many years. They put together the travelling museum and chose Greenfield as the location of its debut.

The Packs hosted school classes from Greenfield Elementary during the week before History Day. The children were fascinated with the display.

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