Early Greenfield Phone Book

Below are copies of pages from an early Greenfield phonebook. Click on a page to see a larger view. You'll find names of some of Greenfield's most notable citizens listed. Below each page is the name of the perosn at the top of that page and the name of the person at the bottom of that particular page.

Front Cover page

John Aber - Wm. Banks

W.I. Barr - S.J. Buck

James Burkhamer - H.F. Coleman

W.R. Collier & Son - D. T. & I.

Mrs. S.L. Devoss - H.M. Eckert

C.E. Eckert - Mrs. Emma Fullerton

J.M. Gadbury - H.L. Hall

A.L. Hamilton - Chas. T. Hiser

J.B. Hite - Homer B. Johnson

Ernest Johnson - H.H. Limes

J.H. Limes - Charles Mains, Jr.

C.M. Mains - Motor Inn

C.C. Moxley - W.A. Parrett

Sherman Parrett - J.S.S. Riley

J.S.S. Riley - Wm. M. Shimp

Mrs. R.M. Shoemaker - A.F. Strueve

Chas. Srickrott - Dr. J.D. Varney

W.W. Waddell Co. - L.E. Wilkins

James WInegar - A. O. Zimmerman

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